New Vacation Planning

Up until last month, I had been building my spring wardrobe based around the idea that I was going to be vacationing along the Mediterranean in Italy and Greece in May.  That, of course, isn’t going to be happening, but South Africa is. The problem is, my Mediterranean wardrobe isn’t going to work at all.  It will in fact be the South African winter when we are there.  So here is how I would like to envision my wardrobing plans for the revised itinerary:

Dinner and Exploring in Capetown (fantastic Moschino Cheap and Chic Wedge Heels and a Series of Tory Burch dresses):

 At the Shamwari Game Reserve (dressed in head to toe Billy Reid including his denim suit, sweatshirts, and safari coat):

However, considering how I dressed the last time I went to Africa, this is what my packing list will probably actually entail:

Old t-shirts, hooded UNC sweatshirt, khaki pants from J. Crew and Banana Republic, and hiking boots.

But isn’t it fun to pretend that I am actually more glamorous?

And I still plan on getting this dress. I will.

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