I Dream of a World

I dream of a world where countries resolve international squabbles with dance contests between their heads of state.  Seriously, just think of how much more awesome the world would be if we could resolve all of our problems this way.  Let’s say Russia takes a position that we don’t like at the Security Council.  We are looking for some support for a No-Fly Zone in Libya or wanting to take some war criminal like President Bashir of Sudan before the International Criminal Court.  Russia isn’t going for it.  Right then, Susan Rice could offer up President Obama to resolve the disupte on the dance floor opposite of Dimitry Medvedev.  I think we would stand a good shot with Obama’s hips, particularly if the terms of the dance-off had a mutual agreement to dance to this song “American Boy.”

Maybe it wouldn’t have to be just heads of state, even. What if we could resolve all of Julian Assange’s issues with the US with some kind of Assange versus sexy CIA spy dance off? I think the sexy spy would win in a landslide if this were their competition:

I am just saying, there are worse ways of solving our problems than with dancing. It is the only thing that I ever learned from a musical (West Side Story). I don’t think I can entirely claim credit for this idea, though. The Arcade Fire and Andy Sandburg probably deserve most of the credit for the idea.

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