By all accounts, last week was a terrible week.  People that I love got received very devastating news and North Carolina was hit by horrific tornadoes over the weekend.  It was not a week that I would like to replicate in any way. 

The bright side to those terrible days were the azaleas blooming in a bright shade of Barbie pink  in our yard.

Also, Kinghtley’s pink tongue was a continuing reminder of his adorableness, as he lounged in the yard while David and I planted more azalea bushes for future years with even more springtime colors. Also, please ignore how terrible the grass looks in this part of our yard. Yes, the grass is the part of our yard that needs the most work, but this spot is in the shade and just looks particularly patchy.

Trying to find happiness in the small things last week made me more positive for when I finally did receive some good news this week. The article that Amanda and I wrote last year won the Law Library Journal Article of the Year Award from the American Association of Law Libraries.  We will be presented the award at the annual meeting in Philadelphia in July.  It is a complete shock to both of us, but we plan to use the $500 cash prize to “Make it Rain” in Philly, Tom Haverford-style.

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