These Salt and Vinegar Chips are Taunting Me

My sister, Sarah, started a blog about her desire to break her addiction to refined carbohydrates (her blog is in my sidebar now).  Of course, since Sarah is a scientist, she is blogging about all of the biological components of addiction as well as the terrible things that refined carbohydrates do to our systems. My younger sister, Melissa, has also been motivated to lose her Harry baby weight and has been working very hard. She is starting to see results. About four weeks ago, I started a new diet and workout regime, lost eight pounds in the first two weeks, and then lost all momentum when I went on the weekend trip to DC and had a visit from a dessert cart. 

It has been a bad couple of days, and today I purchased some salt and vinegar potato chips for lunch, because I felt like I needed some comfort food. However, after reading Sarah’s first two blog entries, they are sitting on my desk, unopened, but starting me in the face.  I am not going to give in and eat them, I just need to figure out something to do with them (short of throwing them away, which would be wasteful) to get them away from me.  If I just put them in a desk, then I will pull them out on another depressing day like this one, but one when I lack the willpower to put them away again.

I am so grateful for my sisters. Without their example, I don’t think I would have any willpower at all.

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