Things Fall Apart

A few weeks ago, I was eagerly anticipating our vacation to Italy and Greece that I believed would happen at the beginning of May.  It isn’t happening.  It fell apart in the past couple of weeks, for a variety of different reasons that I am not going to explain here.  However, where there is loss there can also be the beginning of something better. Although I was thrilled to be Mediterranean bound, and had spent my shopping trips of the last few months assembling a wardrobe that was perfectly suited to the sunny climate, it wasn’t meant to be. Instead, David surprised me with suggesting a new destination, South Africa.  I hadn’t thought that I would be returning to the African continent this year, so planning this trip is a bit of a surprise. We will be going in June, so it will be the South African winter, so the collection of sandals and dress that I had been assembling probably won’t cut it for extended time at a wildlife refuge, though.

This weekend, we finalized our travel plans and have all of our airline travel and accommodations.  I am pretty excited about it.  Not only will we get to visit a different part of Africa that I have never seen, but we will also be able to spend some time in Amsterdam on our way back to the States.  Now, I just have to wait until the end of May.

In other news, David and I built a garden this weekend in our yard.  It took most of Saturday.  We had been growing seedling starters, and so we transported them to the first garden box that we built.  Then, Saturday evening, it poured rain and trampled our seedlings pretty badly.  I am hoping that they will perk up and grow again.  I am concerned, because our small garden plot required a significant amount of physical labor.  Suffice it to say, that I wouldn’t have lasted very long in an agrarian society. Unless, of course, I was a landlord and not a tenant laborer.  After all, hard work did actually kill a lot of people.

David is very much, the tender, constant gardener.

Will those little plants come back?  I hope so.

In other news, we discovered that Knightley loves to eat fresh soil.  He most certainly gave new meaning to the expression “Dirty Mouth.” He is also due for a warm weather haircut. 

In unrelated but happy news, the azaleas in our yard are blooming.

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