Luxe Life

I was in DC this last weekend. On Saturday, our friends Matt and Erin invited us to the Washington Nationals game.  Apparently, Erin had scored some free tickets from the auditors with whom she had recently worked (and who had made her life miserable).  What we learned when we arrived at the game is that the tickets were not just for the game, but were actually for a luxury suite.  In order to make it to the luxury suite area, you have to work your way through dozen of checkpoints until you finally arrive at a large lobby area with food and beverage options. Here are Erin and I, anticipating what comes next when you open the door to your individual luxury suite:

Then we had the door to our suite opened and became immediately grateful for the indoor area, as it began hailing outside.

We were able to sit back, and pop open that fridge full of ice-cold beverage refreshment.  It was a chilly day in DC. If we had to sit outside, I might have not been as thrilled to have a cold beverage, but considering that the inside area of the suite was heated, I had no complaints. Also, each individual suite has what I consider to be the truly most luxurious part of the whole experience, a private bathroom. That’s right, no more standing in lines or hoping over disturbing wet spots on the ground in stadium bathrooms. A nice, granite clad bathroom is right there in your own suite.

Then of course, there is the comfortable leather seating for the actual game viewing.

 From that vantage point in the park, it was very easy to overlook the “little” people down below, whether they be James Carville, Charles Krauthammer (running people down in his hyper-speed Rascal wheelchair), or Larry King throwing out the first pitch.

Erin secured six tickets for the luxury suite, so we also were able to bring our friends Brigham and Carl along.  And look; there are free Lays Potato Chips.

Of cours,e there was game watching and Ben’s Chili Bowl eating, but this game was also ridden with rain delays which made this particular afternoon extra long.  In the last of the three rain delays, the contrast between our old regular seats and the new luxury box seats became most apparent.  As the ground crew hastened to cover the field below and the masses of game watches huddled in stadium concourses, we relaxed in the suite with the greatest benefit of all.  Let me show you what I mean in pictures.

You are probably now wondering where I got that delicious Smores Cake that is on the table. Where did those desserts come from?

Why, we got those delicious looking desserts from the dessert cart that made a stop at our suite.  Now, I am hopelessly spoiled and don’t think that I can ever again watch a baseball game without a cart full of desserts with drawers full of ice cream and hot fudge stopping by.  Could I ever make it through a rain delay again without the aid of a Smores Cake?

It probably isn’t possible. Baseball games have now been ruined for me.

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