Unspoilt and White

I love wearing white in the Spring (even before Easter when Easter comes as late as it does this year), but I also have a history of being very careless and messy.  In my last post, the white sweater I was wearing over the blue dress was new this year.  The first time I wore it, I spilled ketchup on it.  It mostly came out in the wash, but my closet is littered with white shirts with remnants of stains.  You have to look carefully, but they are there.  I have many, many white blouses and I don’t know if there isn’t one that doesn’t have a spot of imperfection.  The last time I wore white pants was in sixth grade when I had a pair of white jeans. I don’t even want to tell you what happened to them when I wore them to the Pensacola Interstate Fair. It is too awful for describing in a blog that is open for anyone to read.  Suffice it to say that regardless of the trend or season, I have steered away from white pants of any kind. This year, though, I took a risk in purchasing a long white skirt. We will see how long it stays that way.

My inability to perfectly where white really keeps me from ever being considered a grand Southern dame. My social status will always be limited by my ketchup stains.  It is why I will never be a member of the Junior League.

So imagine my concern when for our anniversary, David gifted me a beautiful white Cole Haan satchel, pictured below.

Did you know that the traditional third anniversary gift is leather? I didn’t.  I got David a beautiful cookbook on Southern Italian cooking called, My Calabria, since it is David’s favorite kind of food and since we are going to Italy together later this year.  David’s gift to me was instead very lovely, relatively expensive, and beautifully, pristinely white.  This immediately raised all kinds of warning flags with me. Knowing me, David included with the bag leather protector and the cleaning solution from Cole Haan. Still, I was afraid after spending two days with me, this bag would already be soiled in some way.  Even though I am not currently eating anything that requires ketchup, I can imagine a ketchup stain; just because ketchup is magnetically attracted to me. 

Nonetheless, I really loved the bag and thought it was the perfect size for travel. David was incredibly thoughtful to give this to me, because he knows that I need a spring bag of this size.  So how did I resolve my dilemma? I decided to take the bag back to Cole Haan and exchange it, because it turns out they can order it in this color, which they didn’t have in stock in the Chicago store where David bought the bag:

It is still is nice for spring, and hopefully, by being a little bit darker, I won’t ruin it after one use. 

While I was there, I also fell in love with these sandals:

So, I decided to order those in my size too.  Here is to hoping that going a shade darker than white means that I am conscious enough of my own imperfections.

2 thoughts on “Unspoilt and White

  1. If it makes you feel better, just this week I have managed to get banana smashed into my sweater and all over my pant leg, and found a melted dark chocolate chip in between my sweater and button-down shirt. That’s while at work. Yesterday when I was home sick I somehow got little pieces of chocolate on my shirt, which apparently melted from my body heat and ended up all over my laptop keyboard.

    I refuse to buy white ANYTHING.

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