Farewell, again

The above picture was taken when Knightley and I dropped off David at the airport yesterday afternoon for his week-long trip to Munich, Germany.  David is looking handsome in the Billy Reid shirt and blazer that he received for his birthday in January, but Knightley is looking a little bit shell-shocked. He doesn’t really like the airport, because he knows it means that either David or I will be leaving.  The second he sees a suitcase come out in our house, he refuses to leave one of our sides. Yesterday, he was resting his head on my feet the entire time David was packing. 

David travels a lot for work. There is nothing new with that.  Last week he was in New York and Chicago, this week he is in Germany.  However, what particularly annoys me about this today is that today is our anniversary, so it particularly stinks that David has to be out-of-town.  Sometimes I get mad at how David’s company treats him when he works so hard and does things like, fly to a different continent in spite of the fact that it is our anniversary.  Oh well, I just keep trying to remind myself of the benefits of David’s travel too. Frequent flyer miles mean free business class trips to other countries for vacation, and Starwood points for hotels mean we can stay at nice hotels.  We probably wouldn’t be able to take vacations like that in the absence of all of David’s travel benefits.

Of course, the other sad goodbye came last night too, when I had to bid farewell to the Tar Heel basketball team for this year with their Elite 8 loss to Kentucky. Losing to Kentucky is particularly painful, considering that John Calipari is one of the most corrupt coaches in the sport (not to mention one of the most oily with all of that hair gel). His two prior teams already had to vacate Final Four appearances, so I am thinking it is likely at some point down the road, this one might have to be vacated too for recruiting violations of some kind. The precedent with him is already there. 

What makes it particularly hard to say goodbye to this year’s team is how much they overcame from where they started the season to where they ended up. For people who don’t think there is value in college athletics, I would like to point out that I have learned many lessons of perseverance and endurance from watching teams like UNC and BYU this year. 

In honor of their Elite 8 game, I dressed in Carolina Blue and white for church on Sunday, and even got more dressed up than I normally would. My hair was still curled from the pre-anniversary dinner we had at La Residence in Chapel Hill the night before.  Sadly, dressing up in my Carolina-colored finery didn’t make a difference for the game.

With all goodbyes must come something new. So today, I began my new goal for this week (and hopefully beyond), to wake up and work out every morning before work.  Last week, I lost three pounds on my new workout regime, but it took up my entire afternoon and evenings when I got home from work.  Not only am I hoping that working out in the morning will give me more time in my day, but it will also give me more energy through the day.  Also, it will help me toward my goal of losing at least 15 pounds before our trip to Italy and Greece in May so I won’t be humiliated to have my picture taken or be in a swimsuit while on the Mediterranean. We will see how it goes.

The end of basketball season is hard for me for a number of reasons. Probably the biggest reason is that I am socially awkward and do not interact with other people very well. Basketball always gives me something to talk about.  What do I talk about now?  I am a pretty boring person.

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