Quality of Life Tradeoffs

The above out-of-focus photo was taken at the last regular season UNC basketball game that David and I attended. Thanks to the kindness of friends, for the next few days we will be attending the ACC basketball tournament in Greensboro, so the basketball fun isn’t over yet. 

Since we have moved to North Carolina, my quality of life relative to attendance of UNC basketball games has increased 100%. For the games that I can’t attend, I can always be sure that I will be able to watch the game on some local television station. Take that Seattle.

However, sadly for every gain, something must diminish.  In exchange for the exponential growth in basketball viewing opportunities, I am striking out with ballet viewing opportunities.  I thought we were going to be in DC the same weekend as the New York City Ballet in April.  Sadly, I am wrong.  They are performing at the Kennedy Center the weekend following the one we plan to be in town.  This particularly saddens me because on Saturday evening, they are performing The Four Temperaments, which is one of my top three favorite Balanchine ballets (Concerto Barocco and Agon aren’t bad either).  Balanchine’s Black and White ballets pretty much are the best.  If you are in New York the week of May 3-10, then you can watch a whole week of Black and White ballets. I won’t be though. I will be in Southern Europe.  There is another tradeoff.  My ballet needs are what are really being sacrificed, here.

What I am really saying is that I really need to watch some good ballet right now.  America does.  I don’t want to live in a world where Natalie Portman is what comes to mind when people think of ballet.

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