The Privileges of Diamond

The other day, a package was left at our door that David couldn’t identify. I asked David if he had recently made any enemies who were potential mail bombers; he said no, so we decided to open it and take our changes. Fortunately, a carelessly assembled pipe bomb did not detonate, and instead, we were greeted with a friendly gift basket courtesy of Delta Airlines. Well, I shouldn’t say we.  It was meant solely for David, since he is the Diamond status Sky Miles customer.  Like being gifted Gold Status from a Diamond Member, enjoying the benefits of the gift basket is merely a side-effect of being in a relationship with a frequent business traveller.  Delta was using the gift basket to apologize to David for some recent fly delays and cancellations that he had endured. Of course, Delta already had given him preferential treatment in rebooking for those cancellations. Since the trips were work related, fortunately, I wasn’t there to slow him down with my lowly Gold Status.

Lord Knightley reigned supreme over the bounteous gift of nuts, cookies, candies, and other gourmet food wares assembled on the floor of our Rec Room (as is normally his custom in reigning over his bounty of toys and my bounty of books seen in the background in the room).


All of these free snacks can be yours for the price of at least 125,000 annual frequent flier miles, a few minor flight-related inconveniences (like delays and cancellations), and at least two weeks out of the month away from your cute puppy while travelling for work!

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