Can it be Fall already? I want to wear this!

In spite of my dislike for cold weather, I much prefer fall fashion week to spring fashion week.  In my opinion, no one does wool, knits, and general fall weather-wear better than the Brits.  So I have a substantial preference for London’s fall fashion week to New York’s. Also, browsing slide shows of fall 2011 collections is an excellent way to distract myself from actually doing anything productive. 

Although I generally think that Pringle of Scotland typifies what I love about British designers, I haven’t been so keen on their past two collections. I am not thrilled with some of their knitwear. However, I do love some of the trousers that they showed this week:

The trousers I liked most, though, were over at Paul Smith.  He just does menswear right, even when designing it for women:

As much as I sometimes love the idea of menswear for women, in reality, I am more of a dress and skirt one. Erdem had some lovely ones that I could never pull off in reality. If I wear prints like these, I just feel like I look like I am trying way too hard.  So, this is more of a theoretical love too:

When it comes to actual clothing that I want to wear every single day of the week, in reality (assuming of course, I had the unlimited budget required to wear this entire collection in reality), I really just want to wear the entire Mulberry Fall 2011 collection.


How beautiful is that corduroy suit with the buckle coat?  And don’t even get me started on the bags and the boots.  There is just so much love for these entire looks.  Look at this one with the beautiful bird dress:

Or how about this lovely turquoise dress:

I don’t love being cold, but I love thinking about how fantastic this scarf looks (not to mention the shape of this skirt):

Finally, what could Emma Hill do to ensure that I love her Mulberry collection even more? Why, have a dog walk the runway too, of course!

Clothes like this almost make me willing to bypass the warmth of summer and head straight back into fall again.

On a semi-related note, in case you were wondering, the new work bag that I really, really want is the Tillie Tweed Satchel from Mulberry.

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