Choosing Wallpaper

There comes a time, in every adult’s life, when one must finally choose wallpaper. 

I’m old. I realized this when I watched this clip and suddenly realized that I was relating more to the character Graham instead of  Brian.  I feel like I need to do something substantial, and right now, that feels like I need to wallpaper my guest room.  Maybe I will not wallpaper the whole room, but just an accent wall behind the bed.  That’s not the point. The point is, I need to wallpaper, because I feel like I am having a Graham-like midlife crisis, and wall-papering is what needs to happen.

Up until now, the only cosmetic work that I have done to our house is to pick out furniture and hang a couple of pictures, but I feel like this wallpaper step will really make the house feel like its our home.  Also, I feel like I need to become a handier person.  This has to do with my mid-life recognition that I have precious few skills that actually are capable of doing anything of worth in the world.  If I learn how to neatly apply wallpaper, then there is something that I can give to someone else. I can wallpaper the world.

Of course, I first have to convince David of the value of my wall-papering project.  Then, I have to pick out a wallpaper that David won’t completely hate, which might be a difficult process.  But just imagine how much prettier this room might look for future guests with a lovely wallpaper behind the iron bed. 

So how can I be sure that I am choosing the right wallpaper?  I am going to have to live with it, after all.  I can’t be sure. Ever. No matter what I choose, I, like Brian, will always second-guess my decision.  Potential wallpaper suitors will now be sought, considered, rejected and regretted.

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