Wants vs. Needs

I just get so excited when I look at the Billy Reid Spring collection. I love everything about it. When I say everything, I mean everything. There isn’t a single piece that I wouldn’t wear (although the suspenders would look terrible on me, so I shouldn’t wear those, but I think they are adorable if you have the figure to pull them off).  But take a look at the two looks above. Everything, from the shirts to the shoes are absolutely perfect. What do I love the most, though?  The following dress:

How much do I want that?  I want it badly enough to consider getting rid of at least five dress currently hanging in my closet.  You see, dresses are the last thing that I need. I wear them pretty much every day now, but I can hardly justify another dress purchase on the basis of need.  The reality is, I need to stop buying clothes and focus on other needs, like a new dishwasher for our house.

These clothes aren’t yet available for purchase on the website, so it will buy me some time to find a necessary condition for the purchase of said dress.

2 thoughts on “Wants vs. Needs

  1. See, and I would pick a dishwasher over designer clothes any day! Which is why you always look so good, and I…well, don’t. 😉

  2. The problem is, Stacy, the dishwasher still works (although not as well as it should, sometimes), and it is mostly cosmetic that we want a new one to look better in the kitchen. So it is hard for me to desire that purchase above the desire to have cute clothes. I am weak.

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