Larry Drew is now banned from the state of North Carolina, or should be.

  It has been a tough week here in Chapel Hill. Tonight, to top it all off, Larry Drew II announced that he is abandoning his team in the middle of the season and transferring.  If you don’t know who Larry Drew II is, then read this article, because I don’t have the energy to explain that. Or read this one, which is even better. No, instead, I want to use my energy to take back every nice thing that I ever said about that kid as well as every time I defended him to other college basketball observers and even Tarheel fans who said he was a terrible player.  I always tried to defend that kid and give him the benefit of the doubt, but it turns out, he is pretty much the most selfish basketball player to ever put on a North Carolina uniform.

Essentially, this kid is an entitled, spoiled jerk who should have never come to Chapel Hill. He couldn’t even tell Coach Williams; he had to have his enabling dad call and do it for him (Atlanta Hawks, I will always hope you lose as long as Larry Drew Senior is your coach).  How cowardly is that?  Just two weeks ago, Coach Williams was taking all kinds of criticism from fans and the media alike for criticizing fans who were critical of the team, and Drew in particular. Coach Williams bent over backwards for that kid, and this is how he repays him and his teammates.  Even on announcing the departure in Friday’s Press Conference, Coach Williams still showed more class and respect than Larry Drew deserved. 

If I were Larry Drew Senior, and my son asked me to drop a bombshell on his Coach and his team that he had just practiced with while acting like nothing was wrong, this is what I would have told him: “No son, I am not going to tell your Coach who has defended you and believed in you through thick and thin. You need to be a man and do it. You are not a five year-old who needs a note from your parents about why you were absent from school. You are a junior in college who made a committment to a coach and a team, a committment that obviously means little to you now just because of your wounded pride. If you want to abandon your coach and your team in the middle of the season, before the two toughest ACC games of the year, right when they need you most, then that is your business, but you need to accept responsibility for your decisions.  If you think that this is the right thing to do, then you need to articulate that to your coach. If you aren’t able to do that, then you and I both know that this is the wrong decision and its being made out of wounded pride and selfishness. Also, if you want to quit school, don’t think you are coming home and staying in my house until you figure out what you are going to do next. I refuse to subsidize an adult son who making a poor decision based on selfishness and a sense of entitlement.”

That is just what I would have said, but apparently, Larry Drew Senior has no problem with his son being an overly indulged, selfish jackass.

A few other notes on the developments:

1. Don’t try to sugarcoat it. Larry Drew had no other reason for leaving at this time in the season than to try to stick it to his coach, teammates, and fans. He is trying to make the statement, “Let’s see how well they do without me,” at a critical phase in the season.  I really hope that the team comes together at this time and thoroughly crushes Florida State on Sunday in a display of  camaraderie and hard work.

2. This also shows that his college education actually means nothing to Larry Drew. This is stupid on so many levels, because obviously, Larry Drew is not good enough to make it as a player in the NBA and so he is going to need a degree to fall back on so he is qualified to get paid actually doing something.  And that kid is an idiot if he thinks he is going to get a better education at any other institution than Carolina.

3. This makes me hate the NBA even more. If a man like Larry Drew Senior is capable of being a head coach, who clearly doesn’t understand the concepts of “team” or “personal responsibility”, then I am quite sure that league is completely worthless. This is what he said about his role in announcing his son’s decision to his coach:

“I thought it was important that we do it in a very tasteful manner.” He added: “There’s no hard feelings. Not on my end.’’
Of course there are no hard feelings for you. You would actually have to be capable of understanding feeling and human emotion.  Clearly, you do not, otherwise how could you describe the whole thing as being done in a “tasteful” manner. There is nothing tasteful about it.  Tasteful would be an antonym of how to describe this situation.
4. The only classy, tasteful people in this situation are Roy Williams (who could have bashed the Drews in the press conference but restrained himself from saying anything offensive) and Drew’s former teammates, who have been left in the lurch but have been unfailingly polite.
5. This also makes me shake my head and once again say “California.”  Just like those weak little Wear twins, that is where Drew is from.
Wow, this week sucked. I thought that I was going to blog about trying to deal with a crappy week at work and being sick, but then this happened.  Do people even understand the concept of other people anymore?

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