Historic Dreams

As some of you may know, I have a lifelong dream of one day owning a home that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  I am a sucker for historic places and I can just imagine myself boring future dinner guests by delivering long-winded soliloquies on the history of a house.  Whenever I visit Charleston, I become very determined about this goal and have no problem identifying a number of properties that could fit my wants.  There is no place that I think I would like to own a historic home more than somewhere in downtown Charleston.  There are many things that prevent me from now owning a historic home. First off, neither David nor I are particularly handy.  For our first home, I thought we probably needed something that required a bit less TLC and expertise than a historic home requires. Second, for this house a central location and accessibility to both UNC and RDU were high on our list of importance. Thirdly, as much as I love the beautiful, historic homes that line the Franklin-Rosemary Historic District in Chapel Hill, they were a bit out of our preferred price range for our first home. 

However, now I know I can content myself by periodically searching the Historic Properties website for my ideal historic dream home.  It’s great, as it lets you search for your home based on regional location, price, and even architectural styles and eras. For example, I can look at beautiful, historical homes in other locations that conceivably were in our price range and imagine how nice it would be if they had a law school conveniently located next door.

I am particularly in love with the above pictured home in Enterprise, Mississippi (the closest law school to there is about two hours away in Tuscaloosa, AL). I also find it shocking that this home on the National Register in Marion, AL is less than the purchase price of our home. Do you see the formal gardens?  Can you imagine what you could do with the building that is the former headquarters of the Piedmont Wagon Company in Hickory, NC?  The possibilities are endless! Here is one last one – a home built in 1873 in Fincastle, VA. Just look at the Widow’s Walk on that place.  I can’t imagine a more romantic feature to have in a home (although the inside of the house has been too updated and looks a little sterile). If you are like me, you will be drooling over the historic possibilities in no time at all. Bonus points for every home that you find that has a description that includes a piece of Revolutionary War or Civil War history.

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