An Edwardian Remedy for January

January is a pretty depressing month, unless you live south of the Equator, of course.  Light deprivation still works a number on me.  I think I am still recovering from the long winters in Seattle where I was lucky if I could get a few minutes of sunlight a month.  I felt like I was Margo in that old science fiction story, “All Summer in a Day“, (and in my case, Washington State was the equivalent of the mean bully kids that kept me from seeing the sun). Watch this clip, which begins with the me asking the city of Seattle, “Why do you hate me so much?”

That kid just never believed the sun was going to come out and when he did, he just had to deprive poor Margo of it.

Anyway, although I am still recovering of three years of light deprivation and January always brings back the lack of sun blues, I feel like there are some things to be happier about this January.  Last weekend, we were able to spend time with our friends Brigham, Jennie, Dalton and Daisy from DC, so that was a bright spot.  Then, Masterpiece Theater picked the perfect time to air to US audiences the British mini-series, Downton Abby.

Even if you do not enjoy British period pieces that follow aristocratic families, then you will enjoy Maggie Smith’s one-liners in her portrayal of a dowager countess.

You can watch it online. At the very least, watch this quote for an example of just how delightful Maggie Smith is:

The Dowager Countess is like an Edwardian-era Lucille Bluth.   Now, that is a ray of sunshine that provides a decent antidote for the January doldrums.

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