January Mix

Aside from the new Decemberists, here are a few other tracks (some old, some new) that are currently cycling through my January Mix:

Crystal Castles (featuring Robert Smith) Not in Love

Don’t you just miss the days when you would wait in anticipation for a new album by The Cure? I know I do.  At least that sense of emotional urgency can once again be felt in Robert Smith’s voice via this song.

And speaking of emotional urgency, here is an older song that is currently on repeat:

The National – Mr. November

It isn’t November, but as it is college basketball season, and I have been attending games in the Dean Dome, this is the song that is always playing in my mind.  I think this song holds the title of most favorite sports anthem never actually played in stadiums.  Go ‘Heels!

Here is another peppy, upbeat song from 2009 that makes me want to dance in my office when not writing assignments for my Advanced Legal Research class. The title makes me think of the hopes and dreams of today’s university student.

Handsome Furs – All We Want, Baby, Is Everything

Finally, here is an unrelated, but adorable photo we snapped of Knightley in bed in the morning.  This dog thinks he is so human, it is frightening.  Even though the quality and quantity of sleep that I enjoy has significantly diminished since Knightley has determined that he has to sleep at night as close to me as possible, who can argue with such adorableness?

It really is a good thing that I do not have kids, because let’s face it, I would probably be an incredibly permissive parent, my children would develop all sorts of bad habits in youth, and they would, more likely than not, be seriously messed up for life.

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