January in Song and Memory

This is a perfect song for today and for the month of January, which in my personal history, has many significant dates that distinguish themselves from the drab iciness of the rest of winter. January 16 is one of my favorite dates of the year and January 18 is one of my least favorite days of the year, based on recollections of years past.  This means that January 17 is a transition day.

The new Decemberists album is out today, which makes it a more pleasant January 18, particularly because this song makes me think more of the good January days than bad ones.

2 thoughts on “January in Song and Memory

  1. this is utterly off topic but i just happened upon your very well written reponse in the comment section of the Mommy Blogger article on Salon from last week. I wanted to stand up and cheer-you said all the things I wanted to say to the nutso commenters over there but couldn’t say nicely. I too believe that a true feminist-and I consider myself one-is a woman who believes we all have the right to make our own choices. If mine is to be career gal and yours is to be mommy of six-hooray! We can all do that! So thanks for your eloquent response-I hope someone read it : )

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