A Holiday for Knightley

When Knightley travels to Mississippi with us, he instantly morphs into country dog, as it is more natural for him. He was born in Brookhaven, Mississippi after all.  He takes off running the fields and heads to the woods, where he can snoop with his nose and scurry through the brush to flush out birds.  I love it. I love watching him and  seeing how much fun he appears to be having when he has so much space to explore not on his leash. I can’t think of something at this moment than gives me more happiness than a quiet walk through the woods with Knightley.

Of course, he also enjoys his human interactions, as well. Knightley is a social dog and loves any place where there are plenty of humans around to play with him. Here he is enjoying a Christmas Eve tractor  hay ride courtesy of my dad.

Or lounging around with David:

Or playing with Harry:

Or playing fetch with Dad and the ball Mom and Dad gave him for Christmas:

Knightley enjoyed all of the gifts in his stocking that he received for Christmas.  He couldn’t wait to tear into one of the Greenie treats:

Of course, he also realized that the toys that Harry were receiving looked even more fun. Here he is staring longingly at the baby toys that are being showcased by Melissa:

Above all, though, Knightley relished the opportunity to spend time outside.

This is the trip where learned just how much fun Knightley considers swimming in a muddy pond.  He did it on the second day we were there, and the rest of the time I had to observe cautiously his approaches to the various ponds at my parents’ house, as I didn’t want to have to give him a bath every single day.

I don’t know how it is possible, but I just keep loving this little dog more and more.

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