On Ice

I am always talking up all of the great things about North Carolina, but here is one part about North Carolina that does stink – freezing rain and ice.  Freezing rain and ice storms are just about the worst thing that can happen in winter (aside from a blizzard or everything that comes after snow being on the ground).  Freezing rain makes it impossible to drive or walk outside.  It makes all of the trees and plants bend and break with the weight of the ice.  Then, you have power outages.  Some people think that all of this stuff is really pretty, but in my opinion, those people just are ignorant of how lovely it is to live in a place that never drops below freezing except on rare occasions. 

Ice storms and freezing rain are just terrible, even if they make the winter berries look like they are encased in crystal.

This isn’t even that bad of a storm, so just imagine how much I will be complaining if we actually do have a bad ice storm here in North Carolina.  David is already annoyed at me from my insistence that we stock up on de-icer for our driveway and sidewalk the other evening.  He has a point, if the weather really is that bad here, then I probably am not going to be going anywhere anyway.  They don’t really have the capability to take care of the roads if the weather gets that bad here, so people just camp out in their house until things melt.

Nonetheless, the only thing that I like to be that chilled are my beverages, and will continue to complain about the weather.

On a somewhat related note, maybe my hatred of all things cold (except beverages) can be partially to blame for my slow metabolism?

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