Baking for the Bored

Today has been a very long and cold day.  Because of the weather, I didn’t go into work until afternoon, and then I came home early, because I was stressed out the roads would freeze again and I wouldn’t be able to get home to Knightley.  I tried to do work during the day and prepare for the class that I am teaching next semester. Then I tried to read.  Even though I have been stuck inside basically one day which pales in comparison to the week that I spent in my apartment after the massive snowstorms in DC last year, I have become stir crazy. David is out of town, of course, and it is much quieter in my house than it ever was in my apartment in DC.

So what do I do? Well, taking inspiration from the New York Times webpage and their video about decorating Christmas cookies, I decided to come home and bake Christmas cookies. I learned a few things in the process.

1. Failing to attend Young Women activities at church growing up and Relief Society Enrichment activities as an adult means that I am a pretty lousy cookie decorator.

2. When you don’t use the concentrated food coloring powder, your icing is going to come out pink and pastel green no matter what you do. If you are afraid that people are going to look at a picture of your cookies and not think that they are Christmas related because of their bizarre coloring, then simply place them in front of something else Christmas related so people will get the idea.  Here, I demonstrate the technique using my pastel cookies and my West African crèche.

Doesn't this in the background make the cookies look more festive?

3. I imagine that it is more fun to make Christmas cookies with children than it is with just a dog. Knightley is useless when it comes to sprinkling and spreading things.  The only thing you can do with Christmas cookies and a dog is taunt them with the fact that they are not going to be eating any of the cookies.

Of course, the taunting backfires when you look in the kitchen and see the dog on top of the kitchen table, trying to devise a strategy to leap to the counter where the cookies are.

4. I actually can have more willpower than I give myself credit for. Even though I am alone in my house with a counter full of cookies, I ate only one cookie, and I did it as a substitute for the dessert that I was sent for my Freshology meals today.  Sure, that one cookie had sugar and white flour, but as soon as I finish typing this, I plan on going upstairs and getting to work with the Kinect game Your Shape: Fitness Evolved to try to burn off those extra carb calories I consumed today. 

 I will take the rest of the cookies to work tomorrow for everyone but me to eat. Of course, since I work for a state institution, it probably is better that my cookies aren’t readily identifiable as Christmas cookies.

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