Sometimes, I feel I was born too late

I just finished reading Wait for Me, the memoirs of Deborah Mitford Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire this weekend.  If you find the Mitfords as fascinating as I do, then you should watch the video of an interview with the Dowager Duchess posted at the website of The Swan Inn in Swinbrook

There are many things that I admire about the Dowager Duchess – her modesty when talking about herself, her sense of propriety when talking about her famous friends. However, what I think I admire the most is her celebration of the English rural lifestyle, and her lifelong efforts to preserve rural England and its traditions. 

Earlier in the weekend, in discussing named generations with Sarah and David, I remarked that I didn’t want to be associated with Generation X, Generation Y, the Millennials, or whatever you call them.  The last generation worthy of association is The Greatest Generation, those who were in their youth during World War II. Debo is another example of that generation. 

So much to admire – good vocabularies, respect for tradition, polite society. Sure, there were smatterings of scandals among the ranks of the famous and fabulous with whom DDD associated, but I absolutely love the propriety with which she politely restrained herself from writing about the personal lives of others.

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