A Cautionary Tale about Basketball Braggery

This past Saturday Evening, David and I headed to the Dean Dome to watch a basketball game.  One of the greatest perks about the job at UNC is the availability of season basketball tickets. This means that I have finally, finally realized one of my life-long dreams.  My season tickets are not the greatest of seats, as I need years of improving my seniority to move down in the dome.  However, with David’s Chick-fil-a in hand (that I could only enjoy mentally since I am back on Freshology), I felt elated for a night of Carolina Basketball. Too such an extent that I posted this as my Facebook Status:

Immediately, the post received a mark of approval:

It is a well-known Chapel Hill fact, that the Dean E. Smith Center boasts some of the best Diet Coke fountains around.  Look, they always get the ratio of flavor syrup to carbonated water right.  However, while in my supremely arrogant state, disaster struck and offered me a painful reminder that nobody likes a bragger, including the Universe:

The morale of this story: Don’t speak too soon.  Just because all seems right in the world, doesn’t mean you have to on bragging about it on Facebook. The morale of this story is also thus: If you order a large Diet Coke at the Dean Dome, don’t be a total clutz.

We nonetheless enjoyed the game, which turned out to be more of a nail biter than it should have been.  It’s okay, the team is young and they deserve time to grow. They have plenty of talent.

Here is David enjoying a Chick-Fil’A Sandwich before the game:

I like this picture which shows my disembodied head floating over the court (the only camera I brought was  my cell phone camera).  It is very eerie and unsettling.

Finally, here is when tip-off happens and when I stop taking pictures and start focusing on the game (except when I became distracted by two very terrible voluminous haircuts in the rows directly below us).

The spill followed up my other humbling moment of the day. We went to a lighting store a friend recommended here in Chapel Hill to search for a new Dining Room overhead light.  While flipping through some catalogs and talking to one of the employees we overheard another customer talking about needing lighting for her “sculpture by the stairs.”  Then, another gentleman came in and asked for help with “lighting for his artwork.”  When we walked out of the store, we noticed our Saturn hybrid was parked next to a brand new Porche and top of the line BMW.  For a girl who spills sodas in the nosebleed seats at a college basketball game, it was one of those, “Yeah, I think that I am a little out of place,” moments.

2 thoughts on “A Cautionary Tale about Basketball Braggery

  1. Man, my mouth is watering for Chik-fil-a and a diet coke now! I haven’t had either in AGES (Chik-fil-a: more than 10 years; DC–over a year). Great. Now I’m obsessed.


    1. Diet Coke and the Chick are two very important obsessions of mine. Unfortuantely, right now I am not supposed to be partaking of either for this meal delivery plan that I am on. I cheat and allow myself one Diet Coke per day, and that is it for cheating. Of course, to satisfy my Chick-fil’a obsession, I get a Diet Coke from the Chick on the way to work. Outside of the Dean Dome, the Chicks usually have the best DCs around. You are a much stronger person than I for avoiding temptation for that long.

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