Last week David and I (and by David and I, I mean mostly David) went a little crazy for holiday decorating. I was content just to have our little tree, but David decided that the outside need a little bit more, and then the inside needed a little bit more too.

I like the following picture, because when we have a fire in the fireplace, the whole room just seems idyllic and cozy beyond belief:

Since we used LED lights on the tree and bushes in the front, the whole front yard glows.  It is lovely, even out of focus:

When I returned from DC on Sunday night, there were still patches of snow on the ground from a quick weekend snowstorm that hit North Carolina, but missed DC. Thus, it is unseasonably cold here in North Carolina. It bothers me slightly less than it otherwise would on another occasion, because the glow of holiday lights makes everything else feel warmer.

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