DC Society

Contrary to popular belief, on some occasions, I am actually good at being social.  In North Carolina, I may not be currently living the most social of lives, but all it takes is a weekend in DC for a reminder that I really do like people and like to have a good time.  Weekend highlights: staying with the hospitable Talbots, breakfast with the Bowens, lunch with Todd, an afternoon watching the SEC championship with the Talbots, a fantastic pie party at the Davis’s (click here for some great pictures on Naomi’s blog), late night conversations with the Woogs, and Sunday morning at the Capitol Hill Ward.  Who would have guessed that with all of that socializing, my standard key lime pie would have won the pie contest (over some pies that were much more delectable, in my humble opinion). I guess socializing makes me a winner.

The hardest part about leaving DC when we moved to North Carolina was definitely the friends that we left in that city. We had some great friends there that we knew before we moved to DC, that we met while we were in DC, and that have even moved there since we moved away. 

Of course, the best part about leaving DC was leaving all of the other people (the ones that didn’t make up our friends).  There are so many people in DC that it takes longer to do anything. We had hoped that our weekend itinerary would have included the ability to spend more time with more people, but general driving and meals take much longer there.  Nonetheless, it is always great to go back.

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