To Dine

The last piece of our dining room furniture finally came today. At last! We are finally able to unpack the china and crystal that we received as wedding presents over two years ago. Not only that, but our table is so large that we have room to comfortable seat ten at the dining table when it is fully expanded with leaves. After years of living in small city apartments, the idea of having ten people sitting down to dinner with room to spare makes me giddy. Of course, we don’t probably know eight other people in Chapel Hill and Durham well enough to have over for dinner, yet.

I love the slopes and angles of how the table comes together. Knightley loves having a platform underneath the table where he can sit and hang out when we are eating at the table. 

I love the buffet and the deck that sits on top.  Of course, what goes on top of the buffet could use some thought and arrangement. Right now it is hosting my nicer, hard-backed cookbooks, the African nativity scene we have, a poinsettia gifted to us from a friend, and a couple of platters that we have.  As always, the decorating details are not my strong suit.  If you need evidence of that, come and see the blank wall in the dining room where I tried to measure out and place pictures on the wall.  As well as I thought I measured, they still turned out crooked.  So, clearly, I have some work to do in that regard.

In terms of hardware, I love the worn brass handles of the buffet that have a very soft appearance. I hate the hideous gold candelabra that functions as the chandelier in this room.  We are on the hunt to try to replace it as soon as possible with something that has straighter, clean lines and has a more Asian feel to it to match the furniture.  If anyone sees anything that they think will go well and doesn’t cost three thousand dollars (as the one light fixture that I liked best did), then please let me know. Also, we need to get rid of the ugly curtains left behind by the previous owner and find some more suitable window treatments.

Finally, Knightley still loves this room for the same reason that he did before. Its long windows are perfect for him to get a good vantage point to observe the people and dogs that might be walking down the street.

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