I did. At 2:00 am. In a skirt.

From time to time, when I am in need of some comic relief, I turn to the web version of the BYU Daily Universe’s Letter’s to the Editor section.  Today, there is a particularly hilariously self-righteous letter from a young lady from Richmond, Virginia urging her fellow students not to roll down the hill in between the administration building and the periodicals room of the library.  She offers a variety of compelling reasons why such behavior should not take place.  But come on, seriously? BYU students cannot participate in much of the merriment and frivolity that takes place at other institutions of higher learning (instead, opting for “well-mannered frivolity”).  I find it pretty hilarious that this young lady doesn’t want students to enjoy the simple pleasure of rolling down a hill. I did. I like to think that I was one of the first who started this trend.  After all, I worked in that periodicals room when it opened, and when that hill was created, I like to think that I was one of the first to roll down it.  I did it in a skirt and I think I have pictures of me doing so somewhere that would probably be adjudged to be “immodest”.  It was fun, carefree, and totally unserious.  Considering that most of the time I took myself way too seriously when I was in college, rolling down the hill was the least that I could do.

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