A Pictorial Weekend of Southern, Carbonated Hospitality

This weekend, Knightley and I enjoyed a glorious fall weekend in The Old North State.  With David away on a trip with his siblings, Knightley and I delighted in making the Thetford House a welcoming, comfortable kind of place, in the hopes of encouraging future travelers.  First order of business, we stocked the mini-fridge in the bonus/rumpus/recreation room with enough carbonated deliciousness to rival any Tom Thumb Jr. Food Store.

Of course, we included perennial Street family favorite Diet Coke, plus Coca Cola classic, San Pellegrino beverages (for those with more delicate palates), two different Sierra Mist flavors, Sunkist (to remind me of Mississippi trips to the “store” in the back of Pa-Paw’s Truck), and North Carolina favorite Cheerwine.  We refuse to have thirsty guests playing pool or the X-Box Kinect (On an unrelated note, I made myself sore from playing so much Dance Central this weekend, but I finally have the moves to “Poison” down).

Continuing the theme of Southern hospitality, I baked a Lane Cake, which is a Southern special occasion cake created by a Mrs. Lane of Clayton, Alabama.

It has a middle layer of golden raisins, coconut and pecans cooked in Grand Marnier. (It is supposed to be bourbon, but I was fresh out as I limit myself to one dessert liquour in the house at a time. Until I finish up this Grand Marnier, then I can’t go out and buy any bourbon.)  When cut, it looks like this:

It is a pretty delicious cake, and as someone who ordinarily doesn’t like raisins, I say this.  I also honed in on my Chicken and Dumpling skills and made some from scratch for dinner on Sunday night after David returned and when Sarah came over for dinner.  I don’t have any pictures of this, though. You just have to be assured of their tastiness.  Around mid-November, I always start to crave Chicken and Dumplings, as this is one of the things we would convince Ma-Maw to make every year for Thanksgiving in Mississippi. 

Knightley and I also spiffied up the main Guest Room, since my Mom will be visiting later this week.  We even finally hung the pictures on the wall.  That room is making good progress, but is still missing the oversized arm-chair that I want for the corner of the room by the windows. I haven’t found just the right one, yet. 

This picture we found at an antiques store in Hillsborough, where we also purchased the bedside table and lamp for the room.

Although it is the rumpus/rec/bonus room that will bear homage to Spanish Bullfighting prints, I loved this painting of Flamenco dancers that we saw at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, so I bought this print of it:


We have plans to refinish and spruce up this old dresser that we moved into this guest room.

So have Knightley and I convinced you that our hospitality would be sufficient to warrant a visit? 

If you are not yet convinced, then I offer as my closing argument, one doggie very proud of his home.

6 thoughts on “A Pictorial Weekend of Southern, Carbonated Hospitality

  1. Oh, please please please sign me up! It all looks amazing. I admit I teared up a little when I saw the Cheerwine . And I think your delicious looking cake just added a few extra pounds to my already ample figure.

  2. Oh my goodness – we were making chicken & dumplings last Sunday night too!!

    Your cake turned out gorgeous, and I love the picture of the mini-fridge. Save a coke for me 🙂

    Who is the sunkist fan?

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