A Fall Day

Saturday, David, Knightley and I took a day trip to Hanging Rock State Park.  In spite of my sprained foot and still, very sore arm, I wanted to get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall weather and see some color before it was too late.  I wrapped up my foot and put on my slip-on topsiders, because my sprained foot would not fit in any shoe involving laces. David, seeing my put on topsiders assumed that we wouldn’t be doing much walking.  He was wrong.  When we got there, the day was so lovely, that I wanted to walk all the way to the top of the little mountain that gives the park its name.  The above picture is the view from the top. 

I’m not going to lie. It hurt more than I thought it would, particularly going back downhill. I had no tread at all in my topsiders, I didn’t want to put full weight on my left foot, and I was unable to move my right arm enough for balance.  I was definitely the most awkward hiker out there.  I felt like I was always one small step away from catastrophe.  However, all of the pain was worth it to spend such a lovely day with David and Knightley.  We were able to see beautiful colors like this:

And visit quaint little waterfalls that looked like this:

Knightley loved exploring in the forest. He also loved saying hello to every person and dog that we passed. Like me, he also preferred the trail when we were going uphill, and didn’t like the downhill as much. 

Even the two hour drive to the park was lovely.  Look, I don’t mean to brag, but days like this really encourage my thinking that I happen to live in the most perfect state in the country. 

And yes, I still can’t take my aviator sunglasses off.  I really love those things.

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