The New Living Room

Finally! Some of the furniture that we picked out and ordered back in August finally has started to arrive.  This week, our living room furniture was delivered. It is a work in progress arranging and decorating the room.  There is still too much stuff scattered around, because we haven’t fully organized things yet. We have also been looking at some paintings by local North Carolina artists for the walls, and we have to get rid of these awful gold accents that the previous owners had throughout the house. I think gold accents stopped being popular in the late 1980s, when they must have picked these things out. Also, we are also picking out window treatments to get rid of the ugly old ones present in the room. I am trying to convince David that we should get some plantation shutters, but he just wants curtains.  He is afraid that my plantation shutters will block out too much of the great natural light that makes this room so desirable in the first place (This room has a peninsula of windows, on three sides).

I can personally attest that all three new seating options are comfortable and desired places to sit and read a book. However, I still think this chair is my favorite:

In that picture you will note our old couch still in the background.  We have to move that out, still. The room is so large though, we are contemplating adding some additional seating areas to it in the future.

This chair is pretty comfortable too:

I pretty much am in love with the blues and grays in the room. It is so soft and such a relaxing place to sit.

I will admit, even with my serious lack of interior decorating skills, I love the process of making a house into a home.

2 thoughts on “The New Living Room

  1. It’s beautiful! I love it! We are in the process of decorating our house too – still so much to do. I can’t wait until my new dining room table arrives! I hope we can visit again soon.

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