Childlessly Childish

In stark contrast to my last post about the elitist notions that I have of air travel, I will admit right now that one of the reasons I love going to Disney World so much is because it is so wholesome, democratic Americana.  It may seem somewhat jaw-droppingly out of character for me that I love Disney World, but I do. 

I love the happy memories of childhood that I get when I ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I love thinking about riding The Jungle Cruise in high school with Melissa and the tactics we used to try to secure a spot on the boat of the hottest guide. I love the Animal Kingdom and the Yeti. I love the old school Disney characters and the memory of watching Mickey Mouse cartoons as a kid. I lost interest in pretty much every movie and TV show that Disney did after the 1960s (with the exception of the Lion King and Pixar’s Ratatouile, which I love), but I love the old school stuff. I could sit in a room with a VCR playing an old tape of Disney’s Silly Symphonies (I love that Skeleton Dance one) or those WWII Disney Propoganda cartoons (here is my favorite one, starring Pluto, Minnie and some tasty bacon) and I would be content for an afternoon. I loathe the princesses, though. More on that in a later post.  However, you can blackmail me with this picture in some professional context (or use it to undercut my credibility in some academic or political debate):


Also, there is the great Florida weather in October.  Highs in the mid 80s are perfect for afternoons spent swimming in and lounging by pools that look like this:

In case you are wondering, I did go down that slide. Many times, in fact. Sometimes it was me standing upstairs in a line of ten eight to twelve-year olds.  This brings me to the central point of why I enjoy going to Disney World. In addition to the fact that there I can eat a good meal (particularly in October when it is the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival), get a decent facial, and soak up some sunshine, I can also act silly and like a kid without the fear of judgment.  Although there might be other adults judging my childlike behavior, I don’t really concern myself with the opinion of the average person at Disney World.  I firmly believe that every single person has to have some outlet for being silly and completely ridiculous.  The more serious that you have to be in your day-to-day life, the more of an outlet you need.  I am a person that very much takes seriously my need to have fun and just be dumb sometimes.  Since I don’t have the outlet of alcohol that most other adults do to encourage reckless amusements, I satisfy myself with episodes of silliness, standing in line with ten-year olds waiting to go down water slides, which I love.

 David’s nephew Noah, and his parents Steven and Brittany, went with us to Disney World. Noah was thrilled to spend so much time seeing Mickey, Mickey’s castle, and many other delights. Kids just always are so cute and so happy at Disney World. What isn’t to love?


Noah particularly enjoyed exploring the parks with his new Toy Story binoculars.  Like Noah with his binoculars, I had my own new toy that I couldn’t manage to do anything without on the trip – my new Ray Ban aviator sunglasses. Seriously, I was like a kid with them. I never thought they would work for my face, and when I realized how awesome I looked in them, I refused to take them off for pictures. Observe:

That last picture of me is drinking Butterbeer at the Harry Potter park in Universal Studios. I will save my review as the subject of another post. (Spoiler alert: it was a disappointment).

Here is David’s reaction to my silliness:

He tolerates it, barely. I guess he figures it is probably okay to put up with a little bit of nonsense for sunsets that look like this:

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