Musical Nostalgia


When I lived in NYC, above all, two bands populated the background soundtrack always playing in my mind. They both have new albums out. Lisbon, by The Walkmen has been well-received, and upon listening, I find myself entirely missing life in the city. Interpol’s new album makes me nostalgic too, but only for the days when they were creating albums like Turn on the Bright Lights and AnticsIt has been all downhill for them since those efforts, in my opinion.

But as for The Walkmen, they produce the kind of nostalgia that makes recalling the age of twenty-five so nice. Plus, like me, they lived uptown (although farther up in Harlem). When I lived in New York, I found it so notable when any of the hipster things took place north of Union Station. This may be too literal, but it was one of my favorite treats to be listening to my I-pod, standing and waiting on any of a few dozen different subway platforms waiting for a train while listening to this song:

And then there was this song that had the status of being a personal anthem at that time in my life. “When I used to go out, I used to know everyone I saw. Now I go out alone, if I go out at all.”

And the new album makes me feel just as good as the memory of starting my mornings at the dirty 86th Street 4/5/6 subway platform or feeling intensely, shout-worthily alone.

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