This weekend Knightley and I drove up to DC to meet David, who had been in the city working. It was Knightley and my first trip back to the city since moving in July.  We were able to see a number of our favorite DC people, including my good friend Patti, who took a job in DC just as I took a job in North Carolina. We are sad that we just missed living in the same city again for the first time since law school. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the day on Saturday, including a lunch at Good Stuff and an afternoon at the National Book Festival.

Here is a picture of Patti trying to take a break on the mall from the unforgivable heat of the day. How hot was it? Well, just look at how terrible this picture of me and Knightley is. I look like I am melting.

Knightley is licking his face, trying to do anything that might possibly cool him off. He also contemplated jumping into one of the reflecting pools in front of the Capitol, before deciding against it.

I was willing to sweat it up on the National Mall in the hopes that I would get to see Norton Juster, the author of my favorite book from childhood, The Phantom Tollbooth, and who was appearing at the festival. Sadly, his speaking engagement took place at the same time as our lunch engagement at Good Stuff.  Deciding against making the effort to shout Homer Simpson-like insults at Jonathan Frantzen (“You Suck, Frantzen!”), I instead spent the late afternoon and early evening shopping with Erin at Leesburg.  Probably, the inevitable disorderly conduct ticket that I would have earned from the National Park Police for creating a disturbance at the National Book Festival would have cost less than what I ended up spending in Leesburg.

Saturday night, we enjoyed pizza from Pupatella in Arlington. There is nothing else to say about that except for the pizza was delicious, as was the cinnamon gelato that I had as an appetizer as our pizzas baked in the fireplace.

Sunday morning, I once again was reminded of how the Capitol Hill Ward is the best unit of the church, and became incredibly sad that it was no longer our weekly church experience.  I love those folks. After Erin and Matt’s delicious lunch of homemade roasted tomato soup, Knightley and I headed back to North Carolina in the pounding rain that finally moved in to cool off the rain-starved, overheated mid-Atlantic.  Knightley was already making plans of what he wanted to do on his next return to the District, as he stared longingly out the window.

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