So Sad, Why Not Buy Something?

Fall 2010 is pretty much shot when it comes to fashion trends. As it turns out, everything that is in for fall I cleaned out of my closet about five years ago when I thought it was time for me to cut ties with all things camel in favor of adding a bit more color to my wardrobe, and I also got rid of those leather skirts.  Let me not even think about all of the skirts that fall at the mid-calf length that are now no longer in my wardrobe either. To be hip for fall, I would have to entirely rebuild my fall wardrobe from scratch and this year with all of the new home costs, that isn’t something that I have it in my budget to do. 

Onward and upward to thinking about Spring 2011, since New York fashion week currently has me despising my non-size 0 frame.  It also has me fondly recalling the days when my wardrobe almost solely consisted of skirts, instead of dresses.  I would like to get my hands on these looks from Marc by Marc Jacobs.



Or for something a bit more aspirational, since I am talking about wishing that I was a size zero, why not also talk about how much I love this Carolina Herrera look that is probably about the same as what it cost for our new living room furniture:

Then there is the Marc Jacobs line, also out of my price range (not the more reasonably priced Marc by Marc Jacobs line), that has this beautiful color that makes me want to stop everything and start saving for it now (as well as stop eating so that it would look this lovely on me). Plus, I absolutely love this floor skimming skirt.  I cleared all of my long skirts out of my wardrobe about five years ago, but granted none were as beautiful as this one:

I don’t want dresses to think that I have forgotten all about them. While the spring looks may be rekindling my love for skirts, there were some dresses that looked quite lovely in a very romantic, impractical way for me, of course. Like these from Luca Luca that are the same idea, both short and long. 

Ah yes, consumerism. When buying things or thinking about buying things helps us ease the pain of the recognition that the world around us is going to hell, then you know that those capitalists are doing something right (said in my best Herbert Marcuse imitation).

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