Good Food, Old Friends & New Friends


This weekend was pretty good as far as weekend goes. I was able to spend Saturday morning playing tennis, Saturday mid-afternoon in the kitchen at church with Sarah and Co., Saturday afternoon in my kitchen at home, Saturday evening with good friends Suzanne and Drew on their way through town, Sunday morning in my kitchen, Sunday afternoon in my kitchen, and Sunday evening with Sarah and new friends Tracy, Ainsley and Ripkin.

Pretty much, it was one of those weekends where good food produces good conversation and all is well with the world.

Here is Suzanne with Brecon, who is one of the cutest and happiest one year olds I know.

 Here are Brecon and I, both showing evidence of getting over our own facial boo-boos.

I love hanging out with Suzanne and Drew for many, many reasons. However, one of the reasons I love Suzanne the most is that we have known each other for so long, we can say exactly what we are thinking to each other, and when I am around her, I totally forget about how terrible I may look (just look at my hair in this picture, for example), because I know Suzanne has seen me when I was in Africa and I wasn’t able to take a shower for multiple successive days.  Even Knightley was thrilled to have both Brecon and the cute little dog Mabie to play with for an evening and a morning!

Having Suz and Drew visit gave me the opportunity to make a Southern Sunday  breakfast of buttermilk biscuits, bacon, and grits. Then, Sunday night I was able to make sweet cream biscuits to go with the blueberry cobbler that I made for desert. Two types of biscuits in the same day! That is how you know you are in the South.

I also loved the 24 hours that it took to complete the Boeuf Bourguignon that we enjoyed for dinner on Sunday night.  Even if Ainsley and Ripkin preferred the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese that we ended up making for them, it still felt satisfying to cook something so delicious, so slowly.*  I also loved, that when sitting down for dinner on Sunday, for example, I was able to think about all of the parts of the meal that came from local farms – from the bottled chocolate milk to the banana butter jam. Cooking in North Carolina is such a treat.

* For future dinners with friends with children, I need to learn how to make more child appropriate dishes.  Brecon wasn’t particularly pleased with my lamb burgers with tzaziki sauce on Saturday night either.

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