A Few Minor Details

I love the symmetry of a blooming gardenia and its fragrance wafting through my kitchen. The gardenia bush alone is ample reason that I am so happy with our home.

We still are lacking all of the furniture that we purchased and ordered. Some of the furniture that we purchased won’t be delivered until November at the earliest. So until then, the house organization is a slow-going process (The good news is that the first shipment of furniture will be next week – the guest bed, new bookshelves, and the end table that I am so excited about).   I am nonetheless contented that we finally have unrolled the rug that we purchased from Morocco.

 I love it so much, particularly all of the hand organic dying that have produced such beautiful colors.  It is going to look great once we do receive the new living room furniture.

The back porch is currently my favorite room in the house. With temperatures finally just about perfect, it is a wonderful place to sit and read and also, we have enjoyed eating many meals out here. Knightley likes sitting and watching the birds and squirrels in the trees, since we are on eye level with the branches of the surrounding hardwoods.

We still lack any furniture in the dining room, but the breakfast area looks pretty great with the rug that Melissa and Jordan gave us for a housewarming present.

The kitchen is also pretty well-organized now. Cooking and baking have become a delightful way to spend an afternoon in it.

Seriously, I love the process of making this house a home. Even if it is taking forever to get the furniture in it.

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