Why This Now?

This is me, resigned:

So you may wonder why I decided to migrate my blog to Word Press. After all, my old blog certainly wasn’t worth all that much, and it is unlikely this will be either.  I just decided I would rather Word Press than Blogger. That is all.

However, when I decided that I would rather Word Press, I also decided that I would use a new title for the blog. So let me offer a brief explanation of the new title.  I am well-resigned to the fact that I am a mediocre writer.  I can manage to write a semi-coherent sentence, so that makes my writing better than at least 60% of America, so that is why I number myself in the mediocre crowd. However, in spite of my mediocrity, I love to write.  The results may not be worthy of a Booker or Pulitzer, but it is something that keeps me more sane.  Thus, I am resigned to my mediocre writing.

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