For the Love of a Lamp

I have been so materialistic lately in these blog posts, that I am almost embarrassed to read these things. I promise, this will be the last post focusing on some object that I want to consume for some time (I am putting a gag order on myself from posting about consumer goods for at least a few weeks).
But this lamp, I want to possess! In order to get it, on Friday night, I am taking a trip to Mebane, NC to attend a gold old fashioned, small town auction. I am not an auction person. The last auction that I attended was a livestock auction in Mississippi with my Pa-Paw when I was nine years old. We convinced Pa-Paw to buy a couple of calves that we thought were pretty cute, and he bought us some boiled peanuts. It was great fun. I am not sure how a non-livestock auction actually works. Will there be boiled peanuts?
Auctions here are a really big deal. Apparently, the old timers don’t like the young’uns, because they just ratchet up the price and then sell what they bought on E-Bay for an even higher price. In other words, those cute little lamps that you formerly could buy for a couple of bucks are now overpriced at auction because people buy them for a national, not a local audience. Damn Internet.
I want this lamp because it would look perfect in the girly guest room that I am designing inside of my head. I love its Art Nouveau swirls that brings me back to my Maxim’s loving Gigi days. I want this lamp. I only hope that rural North Carolinians might not have the same affection that I do for all things resembling Parisian Metropolitan signs.

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