Furniture Heaven

In case you ever need any reason to visit North Carolina, let me give you just one today – the furniture shopping. We spent Saturday in Jamestown, NC at Furnitureland South, the largest furniture retailer in the world. The facility is over 1 million square feet of furniture showrooms. It is entirely overwhelming. But if you are like us, and need good furniture and like some good bargains (everything is 30-75% off the retail price, and they usually throw in free shipping), then it is exactly the place to go.

Our consultant worked with us the whole day, which made the immensity of the place more manageable. We were able to focus down on the the styles that we liked and also finding the best quality materials in our price range. Although this may also be the place where Saudi princes come when they need to furnish their palaces and Michael Jordan needs to stop in on a Saturday afternoon for a new bedroom set (our consultant told us both stories), one on one consultants are happy to spend the day with ordinary people like us who may not have one million dollar budgets.

We are thrilled with our selections, even though they probably won’t be delivered for a couple of months. We found things for a guest bedroom, sitting room/library (my favorite room, of course), master bedroom and dining room (David’s favorite finds). Since we won’t have these things for at least a few months, I can offer a little preview here.

Our sitting room and dining room items are from Bernhardt, a family-owned manufacturer that is headquartered in North Carolina. I fell in love with the new sitting room/library furniture that we found. In particular this chair:

And this couch:
David is in love with the new dining room. It is his favorite purchases of the day, in particular the table and the buffet. The table is made with “ecologically friendly elements”. According to David’s fantasy, that translates to him saying that our new dining room table is made from a “reclaimed barn door.”

I don’t think it is a barn door, but I love the idea of what this room will be for future family meals.

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