That’s #22 in the Country, Yo

Pensacola High School is still making me proud. It is up in the high school rankings this year to #22. That isn’t bad at all for a school where 63% of the students are eligible for subsidized lunches. You can say that the ratings methodology of Newsweek is poor, but I like that they rate schools by percentage of students taking I.B. and A.P. courses. I think high school would have been a waste of time without the International Baccalaureate program, but I might be somewhat biased by my own experiences. I might have missed out on those rites of passage like attending a high school prom, but I had 43 credit hours already under my belt when I started college. It meant that I didn’t have to take boring prerequisite courses and instead could begin by taking the much more interesting upper level courses. Mostly though, the I.B. program ensured that a healthy sense of intellectual curiosity became my lifelong friend.

All of that academic excellence and still the state champions in football last year. Who says you can’t have it all?

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