On Home

Yesterday was our closing day, so the house pictured above is now officially ours (subject to us continuing to pay our mortgage, of course). Many more pictures of the house will be forthcoming, I am sure. Right now it seems impossibly large and empty. Knightley isn’t sure what to do because of all the empty space, he just keeps running from room to room. There are three staircases inside of the house and he keeps running up and down them, particularly when he loses where David and I are and can’t find us.

Before I started rambling on and on about the house, though, I wanted to write a public thank you to a person that I do not very often discuss in detail on this blog. I just wanted to stop for a minute and say thank you to David. I do this because I realize that it is very rare to find any husband, much less a husband within the cultural context of our particular LDS faith, who is absolutely willing to let his wife’s career determine where the family lives. I know that it is my dream, not David’s that brings us to North Carolina. Fortunately, his current employer is flexible enough to allow David to use North Carolina as a home base for him (particularly since the employer knows it doesn’t really matter where David lives, since he has to travel for work so much, anyway). However, I also know that if it were up to David, and he wasn’t married to me, he would happily be living somewhere located several time zones to the West. He would rather live somewhere that has better television coverage of the PAC-10 (soon to be PAC-12, I guess), whereas my dream for nonstop ACC basketball coverage is coming true. He will always be a child of the West and I will always be a child of the South, who functions bizarrely when unable to feel a sense of familiarity.

There are many things that David likes about North Carolina, but I know that above all, he agreed to this move because he knows how happy it makes me. He has to put up with a sometimes very difficult and intense person, and yet he is still willing to do this. He knows me well enough to know how important the right sense of place is to me. I will always be Southern in my sensibilities, and without feeling that firmly rooted sense of home, he knows that I feel lost. I know that this place, this house, this particular dog, have all been a part of my dream, but I am so grateful that he has been willing to make it our dream.

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