National Football Night for Librarians

I just returned from attending two law librarian-related conferences in Colorado. The first was in Boulder at the University of Colorado Law School which looks like this:

The second was the American Association of Law Librarians Annual Meeting held in Denver. Although I was mentally exhausted already from the first conference in Boulder, the second conference did give me the opportunity to spend some time with my former Washington classmates and Georgetown colleagues. The Georgetown party was just one opportunity for socializing:

Of course, the pictures that I took at AALL are strictly of the social events. After all, who wants to look at pictures of boring panels, round tables, and committee meetings? I know I don’t. Posting pictures of that would be a considerable letdown after all of the discussion that this blog has hosted regarding attractive soccer stars.
There was, however, a lovely cake at the Lexis sponsored Opening Night Dessert party that was something attractive to look at. And the buttercream frosting was delicious. So, there is that.

After a year when Thomson Reuters managed to annoy every law librarian on the planet at one time or another, they treated us to the best “Westlaw” party (AKA “Thomson Reuters Customer Appreciation Party”) yet – at Invesco Field.
I am no Denver Broncos fan (although, I might soon become one for reasons discussed later in the entry), but having field level and luxury suite level access to the stadium was pretty incredible. I also realize this choice of venue was a touch ironic considering law librarians, on average, are probably some of the most awkward and nonathletic people on the planet (I count myself in that number, as I did manage to fall down the stairs and pull something in my ankle enough to have it swell up by the third day of the conference). Few librarians know anything about sports (I don’t count myself in that number). However, that just made the evening at the stadium all the more entertaining.
For one, I was able to pay tribute to some of the lesser known heroes of Invesco Field – the Dance Team for the Outlaws, Denver’s professional lacrosse team.
Amanda and I were able to laugh tremendously while consuming the variety of stadium food offered at the venue.
I was able to emulate the throwing style on the field of Tim Tebow, who soon will be gracing that same field with his presence.
Wait, did I say “will soon” grace the field? It looks like Tebow is already there in his #15, although, he was much smaller in person than I thought that he would be.

Not pictured: The epically wonderful picture that Amanda and I had taken by the Thomson Reuters photographers with the stadium as the backdrop. I did the Heisman, Amanda was a cheerleader. This will grace the blog once I have my scanner in operation again.

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