Eurotrash Babies: Follow-Up to the Last World Cup Follow-Up

So, as it turns out, Cristiano Ronaldo is even more of a Eurotrash slut than I possibly could have imagined. On Friday, he posted a message to his Twitter account that he recently became a father to a baby boy. His Russian supermodel girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind. Ah yes, the worthwhile nature of Twitter that allows a European superstar to in 140 characters or less, cop to a love child and also plea for privacy. What an age in which we live! How I long for the day when it took the journalistice efforts of the National Enquirer or one of their European counterparts to reveal illegitimate love children. Ronaldo says that he is going to assume sole guardianship of the child. I can see little Baby Ronaldo now, with his fauxhawk Eurotrash haircut, on the beach at Ibiza wearing a baby Speedo and trying to pick up on all of the topless baby girls. Maybe Ibiza has a baby discotheque for a little baby Ronaldo nightlife.

Kaka has a Twitter account also. However, he uses it to post inspirational messages and encourage followers to lend their efforts to combatting child prostitution in Brazil (sometimes in English, sometimes in Portuguese).

These two great soccer players play for the same professional team – Real Madrid. While we were in Madrid, Jose Mourhino, former coach of David’s favorite team, Inter Milan, and sexiest coach alive, was announced to be the new coach of Real Madrid. They held a press conference at the Real Madrid stadium and later that night, photographers clustered around the Palace Hotel, where we were staying, as fancy vehicles dropped off important lookin people at the front entrance of the hotel. I like to think that it had soething to do with Mourhino, but my Spanish wasn’t good enough to have actually confirmed that. In any case, sometimes I like to think about how Mourhino will handle these two very different, but talented stars on the same team.

About the World Cup final – I think the Dutch have this one. Nonetheless, I am cheering for Spain, because it is a lovely country, and those people are dealing with an economy and government budget that are in the crapper so they deserve to have something to celebrate.

One final postscript to this post is this Washington Post article from today about the sad farewell that comes at the end of the World Cup. Exactly.

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