Backlogged Again

I have been negligent of the blog again, and there are still stories of Spain that I want to tell.

Of a thousand year old olive tree:

Of the deliciousness that comes from an assortment of amuse-bouche dishes like strawberry gazpacho and foie gras truffles (because who doesn’t love chocolate covered duck fat?):

Of the affinity that I feel for San Roque, the Patron Saint of the village of Tolox:

Of the amount of Coca Cola Light I consumed in the span of 11 days:

But all of these stories will have to wait. This week has been a stressful one of packing and planning, and although I am hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel eventually, I keep procrastinating necessary things for the sake of trying to enjoy my last days in DC with my wonderful friends here. So far, I have only broken down into tears once, which isn’t bad at all for me.
Plus, there is the added distraction of the World Cup. Who isn’t distracted by an epic French breakdown, the haunting background noise produced by the vuvuzela, and the opportunity to cheer along sport with a side dish of nationalism?

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