Sweetness Follows

We are all pretty thrilled with the newest addition to the family, Harrison Street McInroe, or as we call him, Harry. We just spent a weekend in Katy, Texas celebrating his arrival.

The new Aunt Sarah kicked things off with a Lion King-style introduction, where Sarah played the part of Rafiki while all of the well-dressed animals of the McInroe household bowed in reverence before their new king.

Harry immediately indicated to the crowd that he would be a kind, but firm ruler. When the whale and octopus started to get out of line, Harry’s strong arm knocked them back into place.

Of course the new first-time grandparents took an immediate liking to the new little king. Mom, sensing this new kid had a keen sense of rhythm dubbed his rap name – Mr. Tricky Sweet, or just Tricky Sweet for short.
Not to be outdone, the new doting grandfather reminded us all that Harry has a more pensive and serious side as well.
Already Harry shows how proud he is of his papa, Jordan, for his keen sense of style and his musical prowess.
The proud parents show off their new cub. Harry already wins high marks on the cuteness scale thanks to his successful inheritance of Melissa’s baby button nose and facial features.

I will admit that I am terrified of newborns and was afraid that I would make a mistake when holding him and break poor Harry. The caregiving instincts may not be strong with this one (meaning me). Nonetheless, Harry’s cuddle reassured me that I wouldn’t break him and that he was stronger than he looks at first glance.

Of course, Harry’s mom shows us how the real baby cuddling is done. I love being reminded of the bond between a new mother and her son by looking at this picture.

It was a great weekend all around. In fact, it was very tough to say goodbye. The moments before I left for the airport, I rocked an increasingly sleepy Harry to the strain of “We’re Going to the Zoo” from the Peter, Paul, and Mommy album, while singing along with Mom and Melissa. It was the same Peter, Paul, and Mommy album to which we sung along when we were children. Sharing that generational moment with Mom, Melissa, and Harry allowed me to feel for a moment what heaven must feel like.

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