Moorish Fortresses, Palaces and Gardens

One of the parts of Moorish Andalucia that I really appreciated was the juxtaposition of the hard, durable fortresses with spaces set aside for beautiful gardens. In Moorish gardens, water plays a central role and is featured as prominently as the plants to which water gives life. Certainly water served as a cooling feature to mitigate the hot hiltop summers, but I like the think that the water was a more meaningful choice beyond that.

I also love that in these defensive fortresses that made the Moors in Spain (particularly in Granada) so unconquerable for so long, time was taken to tend the living through the creation of beautiful gardens.

Here are some of the scenes that I loved.

From Granada/the Alhambra:

These gardens are from the Generalife – the Summertime palace of the Nasrid Emirs that is a part of the Alhambra complex. Slightly at higher altitude, the palace was also set in a much shadier place.

From the Alcazaba in Malaga:

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