Fourteen Strikeouts and a Home

My favorite of the Nationals’ “Presidents”, good old George, was sending positive vibes before the big game. We were there to witness history, one of the most highly anticipated major league debuts of all time –
That is right. We were there to witness the young phenom, Steven Strasburg’s debut with the Nationals. Here he is walking out with one of the coaches (we had pretty good seats thanks to our good friend, Matt):

And was the performance worthy of the hype?

Well, lets see – he struck out fourteen hitters in his debut in the seven innings he played, including retiring the last seven batters with strikeouts. In his debut, he set a franchise record for number of strikeouts. So yes, I, along with every other Nationals fan, am safe in saying that he is most definitely worthy of the hype.

Here are Matt, Erin and David enjoying the game (a game completely worthy of enjoyment):

Game Bonus: Ken Burns through out the first pitch. No one was more excited about this than me.
While at the game, I had two phone calls with our realtor in North Carolina, trying to work out the terms of a deal with the house that we put an offer on. By the end of the night, we had a W for the Nationals and an agreement on a purchase of a home that David and I fell in love with. Of course, nothing is final until the contract is signed, but it certainly felt like a historic night.

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