I had hoped to post more about the Spain trip by this point in time, but this weekend, I was unable to post anything. We were in North Carolina on a househunting trip which was thoroughly exhausting. We are in the wait and see mode regarding a house right now, so I am not going to post to much for fear out of jinxing anything.

Househunting is a little exhausting, because in terms of neighborhood setting, I am no longer sure where we belong. We seem too old and we have too much stuff for the hip tobacco warehouse loft conversions in downtown Durham, and yet, we don’t have the kids and lifestyles that seem requisite with the suburban neighborhoods that require homeowners associations. It is perplexing.

More Spain updates will be as forthcoming as possible. I will be leaving on Thursday for Texas to visit the new little one, so I will try to do what I can before then.

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