How This Story Will Not Be Told

I don’t intend to go through a day by day, blow by blow rehash of Spain. I don’t know, but I just think that would be a boring way to write about the Spain trip. So if you want to know briefly, where we were and what we did each day, then let me just give you the brief synopsis:

Saturday, May 22: arrival in Madrid; train to Malaga; exploring Benalmadena Costa
Sunday, May 23: beach and pool day
Monday, May 24: day road trip to Ronda
Tuesday, May 25: day trip to Tangier, Morocco
Wednesday, May 26: day road trip to Granada; Alhambra
Thursday, May 27: countryside safari through Andalusia
Friday, May 28: exploring Malaga and afternoon beach downtime
Saturday, May 29: train back to Madrid; Museum ThyssenBornemisza; walking tour of Bourbon Madrid
Sunday, May 29: Opera brunch; Prado Museum
Monday, May 30: Palacio Real; National Museum Reina Sofia; shopping
Tuesday, June 1: Return flight to U.S.

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