Look into this Horse’s Eyes and Tell Me You Don’t Want to Vote for this Guy

When this guy talks about naming names and taking no prisoners, you better believe it. Because after all, that is when in his commercial he is modeling his rifle.

Look, I haven’t been very political lately. The fact is, since I have lived in DC, I figure that the whole lot of those politicians are the worst kind of human beings. However, I can’t help but get the feeling that we are dialing up the notch on crazy these days. I think that the recent primary elections have shown that the person that can shout the loudest and be the most alarmist is the person who is going to be elected. It doesn’t bode well for the future.

If alarmist and angry are the criteria for political office these days, then Dale Peterson is a sho-in. Certifiably. And since I can’t hope for thoughtful, responsible government, I might as well go for entertainment. Anyone who can make a political commercial this spectacularly entertaining should at least be interesting to watch from a detatched, unaffected point of view. I will just pretend that the $5 billion dollars this guy may be spending has nothing to do with me.

After all, in regard to politics these days, I firmly believe that it is better to laugh than to weep.

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